Life of a Seminarian

Our Seminarians’ schedules are a balance of prayer and studies. Their days begin with morning prayer of the Maronite Divine Office (Safro). Following this, Seminarians will head to The Catholic University of America to attend their classes.

After a day of classes, the Seminary community gathers to celebrate Divine Liturgy.

Vice-Rector Fr. Armando Elkhoury incenses the Gospel at a Divine Liturgy celebrated at the Theological College (Latin Seminary).

Following Divine Liturgy, the Seminarians, along with their Rector and Vice-Rector, gather for Dinner which is cooked by the Seminary Chef.

The community then gathers back in the Chapel to end their day with evening prayer of the Maronite Divine Office (Ramsho). Once a month, in addition to Ramsho the community will gather for a Holy Hour of Eucharistic Adoration.

Following the prayers, the Seminarians are free for the night. They typically will spend some time with one another engaging in some friendly video-game or ping-pong competition. Others may continue to study or do some private prayer.