Support the Seminary

Order of Saint Sharbel

The order of Saint Sharbel, established in 1980, is an organization of lay people and clergy who have pledged their spiritual strength and financial support to the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn.

The overall objective of the Order of Saint Sharbel is to strengthen and promote the growth of the Maronite Church in the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn by means of financial assistance.

The first objective is to direct financial assistance towards educating the seminarians of Our Eparchy. Expenses include the tuition of the seminarians and the daily operation of Our Lady of Lebanon Maronite Seminary in Washington, DC.

When it will be possible the second objective is to provide additional benefits to our retired clergy in order for them to live with dignity and make it easier for them to share the wisdom of their years.

One way in sharing in the Order’s objectives is to become a member. There are two forms of membership annual and perpetual. In either case, to fulfill your membership, an individual can choose to pay in one lump sum or quarterly in one year. All billing comes from the Chancery Office and is paid to the Chancery.

  • Annual Membership
    An Annual Member is one who pledges to donate $500.00 annually or four equal installments of $125.00 yearly (yearly membership starts from the month you join).
  • Perpetual Membership
    A Perpetual member is one who makes a one-time donation of $5,000 to the Order’s Trust Fund. Perpetual members can choose to make four equal installments over a one year period.

Additional Ways of Participating

  • Matching Gift Programs
    Many corporations have matching gift programs. The Order of Saint Sharbel qualifies as a recipient of a matching gift. A donation can be multiplied by taking advantage of this opportunity.
  • Gifts of Mourning, Tribute and Friendship
    A beautiful tribute to a departed loved one is to request donations to the Order of Saint Sharbel Trust Fund instead of flowers or other material gifts. All donations are tax deductible.

Activities of the Order

  • Annual Meetings
    The Order holds one formal meeting each year at the NAM national convention in the summer. Attendance is optional, but members are encouraged to meet with others who share the objectives of the Order.
  • Bishop’s Honor Guard
    The Order of Saint Sharbel has the privilege and duty of being the Eparchial Bishop’s Honor Guard. At functions presided over by the Bishop, members are encouraged to wear the Cross of the Order of Saint Sharbel and to form an honor guard during the Bishop’s entry.