Meet the Rector

Monsignor Peter F. Azar

In 2016, Monsignor Azar accepted a new assignment as Rector of Our Lady of Lebanon Seminary which serves both he Eparchy of St. Maron and the Eparchy of Our Lady of Lebanon.  Azar is quick to point out that the Seminary is indebted to the tremendous generosity of the Order of St. Sharbel and other benefactors without whom it could not exist.  As Rector, he has embraced the opportunity to share his life and pastoral experiences with seminarians.  “When I arrived at the seminary”, said Azar, “Forty-one years flashed into my mind and I reminiscence about my years as a student.  The good memories kept coming alive.”  His initial challenge was a small enrollment of two seminarians.  However, he came to realize that enrollment would be just one of his many challenges. Always a man of action, Azar went back to school to better deal these challenges.  He enrolled in a program specifically focused on seminary formation which he credits with helping him tremendously.  In his second year, Azar welcomed five seminarians from both Eparchies.

He adds, “Yes, being a Rector of a seminary is completely different from being a pastor, however, I try to apply my thirty-six years of parish experience with our seminarians. Most important, however, I hope they learn to be compassionate, pastoral, and holy priests enabling the parish to shine. My joy will be to see these young seminarians grow in spirituality and love for Christ, so one day when they stand at the altar they will lift up their hearts and minds in prayer for all those who have supported them and cared for them throughout their journey to the priesthood.”